Second Verse, Same as the First

Our poor, put upon Nikita has some new whine out on his blog. It’s a bitter tasting, white wine (we all know Nikita doesn’t like anything other than white) with dregs of past pressings clumping at the bottom. He starts this one off with the second biggest laugh of the day,

Seems that I got no privacy and the fuckers The Rusty Liar and ExposeTheFucktard figured out ways to vialate those very freedoms in the United States — the right to privacy

Nikita, this is the internet, where privacy is just a word to look up on Now, even when John McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, NIkita tries to hide behind BUsh’s anti piracy czar. Such is NIkita’s delusions of grandeur he thinks that the publishing world lives and dies by his writing. That if it doesn’t get published, the industry will suffer.

News flash LA Femme NIkita, the industry will thrive even more without your writing poisoning the well. It makes room for those who have talent.

Intellectual properties need to be protected a hell of a lot more now especially since more authors are opting to publish themselves; and this is something that comes into attack often the self-published author gets pirated worst than the mass market one and it hurts the self-released author more than the mass market guy but either way it hurts.

Trus us NIkita, you’ll never have to worry about anything involving the word intellectual.

And in other news, Dagstine ate a lot of candy and felt the need to share it over on Shocklines. That sound you hear is an entire messageboard not caring.

2 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same as the First

  1. His claim that the self pubbed crowd get pirated more than the major writers is laughable and deluded. Only something popular gets pirated. No one wants to read his bullshit.

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