Nikita, American Idol rejects, and common ground

La Femme NIkita has a new post post up slamming Willie Miekle, among others, as well as some on facebook and his myspace account. There’s nothing new in them, other than the fact, he’s still on dialup, in spite of what he said about getting wireless. Guess he found out how much that deposit would be after all. 

Anyway, I was channel surfing during a long flight from Gadetzan to Orgrimmar, and ran across an American Idol show, that recaps past seasons (as if it’s not sometimes bad enough during its normal run) and they had a bunch of rejects, and they all reminded me of the nitwits.

Each and every contestant, knew they had talent, auditioned, and couldn’t believe it when the judges said, take a hike. They get butthurt, denial kicks in, and they rant and rave about how the judges don’t know shit. you’ll hear them curse, brag about how they’re gonna make, and that no one appreciates their talent.

Sound familiar?

There is a country full of Nikita’s, Phoolbin’s And Lorenzo’s out there. Sadly, they’re not isolated cases. No one likes to have their dreams dashed upon the rocks of truth, and to a certain extent, not wanting to accept that reality is understandable. Yet, to keep at something that no one wants to read, or hear, in spite of overwhelming evidence that it flat out sucks, is a sign of an unhinged mind. Rather than finding something that they are good at, (and mooching off people is NIkita’s only seeming talent), they feel the need to subject the rest of us to their idiocy. 

Now, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted about the nitwits, mostly because they’ve been behaving themselves; but I haven’t forgotten them. They’re like herpes, they may be dormant, but there will always be an outbreak. Because, as some Idol contestants, they come back year after year, trying out, not getting any better, simply treading water. And when they resurface, I’ll be there, just like I am every season of American Idol, just to see how full of fail some people really are.

5 thoughts on “Nikita, American Idol rejects, and common ground

  1. Except, of course, that the Idol rejects aren’t still at it (and about 4000% more incoherently) years after they fail…

  2. Mind you, I think Cowell is one too, he’s just found a way to make money (well, ripped off another’s show’s idea).

  3. Crit,

    I somewhat agree. However he makes money at it, so technically he’s just a nitwit; not part of the legion.

    What does he do anyway? Is he a producer/promoter?

  4. Ignoring the TV stuff Cowell is actually good at what he does. He helped build a fairly successful “indie” pop label in the UK, at least before the parent company screwed up and he wound up doing talent scouting and artist development for BMG. The git is one of those to be blamed for Westlife, but he knows what he’s doing, which is probably one of the reasons he was selected as a judge for the original Pop Idol.

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