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  1. It’s the most addictive game I’ve seen since Civilization or Age of Empires. They’ve done a great job with the look, as you say, and also with the pacing: you always think, “Ok, I just need to finish this quest, then I’ll log off… Oh, wait, the next quest looks like it shouldn’t take too long, I’ll just do that…. Oh, I really should go to Stormwind and train to get my tailoring up so I can use all this silk I’ve been gathering and don’t have a use for….”

  2. Another lost soul, indeed! It is all about exploration for me, Cuss, and while it’s very much designed for playing with others, you can solo just as well.

    Kim, it’s a bit like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re in. I just rolled an alliance character to play with Cuss, so I’ll get the story from the other side now.

  3. Yes, that’s the other aspect – you want to play through as Alliance, and horde, and then as every possible race and class, with every possible combination of primary and tertiary skills. If you’re serious about playing each permutation through to 70, that’s a LOT of playing.

  4. With the huge patch out today (1.2 gigs), and every race and class getting major revisions, it’s going to be interesting to see how they play. It’s a lot of playing just to get one toon to 70, let alone several!

  5. Are you dual boxing those two Kim? My main, the hunter is at 48 right now and hoping to get him to 55 before the expansion comes out. My alliance toon is kharisii, and the main horde is kharisi, add me to your friends list, and maybe we can play together some time.

  6. I just completed my first quest. I seem to finally be getting the hang of the combat system a bit. I have needed something to help me relax a bit and unwind in the evenings, and WoW is perfect for that.

  7. LOL, no, my son was telling me about “dual boxing” like it was some great new drug. I just alternate playing the two: level one, then the next night play the other till he levels. Those two are in Garona.

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