When Lorenzo Speaks…(no one listens)

I’ve thought about whether to write about this or not. Thought about it on and off all day actually. On the one hand, there are some good lulz to be had, and on the other, something about it doesn’t sit quite right. Dagstine claims he’s being interviewed by Johnny Guerrero a former writer for Game Pro magazine.  At first, that rang true, as I’ve read gamepro for a long time, and the name sounded familiar.  However, knowing daggy’s inability to tell the truth about anything, I googled the name. Nothing came up. Well nothing about Johnny Guerrero or gamepro, anyway. I then googled Tyler Nagata, a writer over at gamesradar.com.  He came up. I then googled John C. Dvorak, a writer for pcmag.com and also of the cranky geeks podcast. He came up. Hell, I googled my name and I came up, and even my blog when I searched for raingods. 

Yet Johnny Guerrero didn’t. Not only that, there are only two posts. The first post talks about how he deleted his old blog and started a new one.  and then there’s the headline: Money in the Bank Writers; An interview with sf writer, Lawrence Dagstine. Yeah, click the link and read the post. If Johnny, does indeed exist, and did work for gamepro, he could come up with a more accurate title than that. By Larry’s own admissions on his blog and various posts on Shocklines, money isn’t something he ever seems to have. There’s the boast of 300 plus stories, etc. One would think, even a game journalist, would be able to do a little research on someone before they herald and trumpet the spin that daggy likes to put on his career. 

so I’m calling bullshit on this, until it’s proven otherwise.

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  1. It is. I even searched the gamepro website, as well as the EGM website mentioned in the first post on the blog.

    Seems to me a professional writer wouldn’t delete a long running blog. Even if I stopped writing here, I certainly wouldn’t delete it. Still, this is Daggy we’re talking about, where nothing ever makes sense.

  2. I found nothing at all to prove that guerrero is a real person. There are traces of me all over the web about things I did 30 years ago, including the articles I did for Flying Buffalo, a gaming company. So how is it that there is information about that, and nothing to be found about this, presumably, much younger and more active man in the gaming circles?

  3. Well of course, it’s a figment of his imagination-or what passes for one. I must be slipping though, as I don’t know why I even thought he might’ve been telling the truth.

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