The Sky is Falling….Oh wait, it’s only Philbin’s Credibility

Master Conspiracy collector Philbin is predicting over on his blog that we’ll be under marshall Law.

Apparently (while discussing the recent $800 billion Bail Out) California Democrat Brad Sherman revealed that Martial Law is already under effect in Congress. According to a recent revelation from Dr Bill Deagle, Total Martial Law will finally be announced in Los Angeles tomorrow, Tuesday 7th October. Coincidence?

Apparently he couldn’t be bothered to find out where that quote was taken from. A quick google reveals there was nothing to even take that out of context from. Good job, Mikkake!

He also writes at the bottom,

NB: If Martial Law’s not officially declared in the USA by Wednesday, I’ll take this ridiculous post down.

Sorry Mikey, the egg is already on your face.

0 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling….Oh wait, it’s only Philbin’s Credibility

  1. Philbin is an idiot as always and Dagstine was supporting him every inch of the way with that thread on Shocklines. Jerrod and Hank handed Daggy his arse … or what was left of it when they finished kicking it.

  2. I liked your reply about the bunker there. I know that Matt is going to get rid of it or start snipping. After all, he can’t have his S.P.I.Ters mistreated. He loves them.

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