11 Years Online and Still Incoherent

Nikita seems to be in one of his posting frenzies again. http://nickolauspacione.blogspot.com/2008/10/in-11-years-ive-been-online.html. And like his other posts, it’s rambling, full of lies, self delusion and lulz. 

I only had to change servers only three times. I am just getting everything set up for getting a laptop so I can be mobile with running Lake Fossil Press that means when I am signing books I can edit the other anthologies.

Let’s pretend that’s not a run on sentence for a minute. First, Nikita, if you mean ISP’s, then frigging say, ISP; they’re not servers. Not that I expect you to know anything basic like that. Common knowledge seems to be out of reach, even for your high 70’s IQ. Second, who edits anthologies while doing a signing? Do you even understand what you write? I may make some spelling errors, or forget some punctuation but I generally catch them and correct them. 

 A few assholes got mad and decided to force me off one server saying I had a lot to blame for it, that’s bullshit and they know it. 

Again, it’s not a server, it’s an ISP. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Bet you didn’t know that. I admit, I thought it meant irritating stooge pacione, but I was corrected. no one forced you off anything Nikita, your OWN actions caused that. Jesus, when are you going to stop playing victim, and realize your being an asshole is what gets you banned and kicked?

  That will be the start of the furniture search too, and storage space for it. Yeah storage will be a bitch but it’s almost needed becausE I do live in a full house. I know that I will be getting another apartment again eventually, a matter of when and trying to find something based on my income as long it doesn’t look like a total dive. Digital TV, damn that’s also a possiblity too. When I get on my own again I will have DSL and wireless.

Yeah, because it’s always better to get furniture first, pay for storage and then find an apartment. If you need to find something based on your income, I have a cardboard box I can send. Your income is an SSI check. If you weren’t such a lazy, leeching pile of greasy hair, and got an actual job, you might be able to afford something other than granny’s basement. 

But like your ability to write anything worth reading, it’ll never happen.

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