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I got an email from work today that had some interesting statistics. As some of you may know, I work for a national, non-profit credit counseling agency. Our goal is to assist people in consolidating their debt, and working with the creditors to lower interest rates, etc. We also provide foreclosure counseling, bankruptcy counseling and other services.

Did you know?
We have received almost 1,161,882 calls for 2008, through the close of yesterday!  Again, that’s over 1 million consumers in need of our help.
Of those calls, we have been able to answer 1,108,827 of those calls.  That is over 95.4% of the total calls received.  Great job!
Did you know?
We received 7,714 calls yesterday alone.  That is the most calls received in a single day for the entire year of 2008.
This also makes an increase in business of 183% from this time last year. So you’ll forgive me when I roll my eyes when some commentator says we’re not in a recession or verging on a depression. Those statistics are just my agency, never mind any of the others out there as well.
I’ll be moderating a live chat on Thrusday Oct. 2nd, during the vice presidential debate over at www.themudflats.net. You can find me as raingods of course. And for those interested, I’m also now on skype, add me to your contact list under the name kharisi (my warcraft character name).

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  1. The fact that your company has been able to help over a million people so far this year is outstanding. Hopefully that’ll help swing the balance back towards recovery.

    It’s times like these are the reason why I’m glad I nuked my credit card debt from orbit a year and a half ago. Now the most credit card debt I ever have is $500. Took out a loan on my 401k to do it, but now I don’t have a crazy interest rate to bother with, and my payments essentially go back to me. In 30 months, if things go well, the only debt I’ll have is my grad school loan and the house (as my car will also be paid off in that time).

    Then I launch a major offensive against the school loan. This is what winning feels like. 😀

  2. Mike, that’s a solid plan and good thinking. Thankfully most people aren’t that responsible; otherwise I’d be out of a job!

    Thanks Sovay! I like writing my political posts more than my nitwit posts, though many times it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

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