The politics of ignorance

I should know by now NOT to read political threads on shocklines. Nothing good could ever come out of doing so, but I did. And I have to say, for all the criticism I’ve made regarding Hank, what he’s said is nothing compared to dlatham. While I’ve always thought Hank was inteliigent if misguided and overly paranoid, dlatham is simply ignorant. 

The thread was regarding last night’s debate. Even NjHorror, who I’ve never had any liking for, and who has posted a lot of hate regarding Obama, and democrats in general reluctantly said Obama won. Then dlatham pops up and posts this,

 Since I’m a combat veteran, I’m going with McCain because he’ll take care of veterans. I couldn’t vote for Obama if he floated down from Heaven because I believe inside he’s a radical Muslim and I can’t get past his name since we’re at war with radical Muslims and he suddenly came out of nowhere.

Let that sink in. In spite of the fact McCain has voted against funing the VA several times in the last 10 years, and was against the GI bill introduced this summer, dlatham STILL thinks McCain cares about veterans. He also believes that limbaugh/hannity diatribe about Obama being a muslim. And Obama has a funny name. Graveside Tales also thinks Obama is a muslim as well, in spite of links pointing to the contrary, but I digress. Dlatham then goes on to say,

It’s not racist to say you won’t vote for someone because they are a Muslim. A Muslim wouldn’t likely vote for me because I’m not a Muslim. In fact, they would probably like to kill me. That’s my choice, but it’s not on race. Political correctness has done a lot to destroy this country and keep everyone at each other. To my thinking, we are at war with Muslims. They want to kill us. The entire damn world is a con, especially politics, and there is a sucker born every minute who believes the crap politicians say, because they never come through, ever. Nothing will change for the better no matter who wins. I believe most of you believe the extreme liberal news media too much. Obama doesn’t have a chance when the silent majority speaks.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people love to berate others for believing the “liberal” news media, yet believe everything they here on Fox news, and talk radio. That somehow these two outlets are the only ones capable of reporting truth and have no agenda.  The sad part is, he’s not alone. There are plenty of other ignorant lunatics out there who believe the same lies, because they can’t grasp the fact that an African American is more intelligent and capable of being President than a 72 year old Washington Insider who never met a banker he didn’t like until he was running for President. 
My mother told me a story once, about when her brother, my Uncle Al, married his wife Rose. My grandmother was born in Ireland and moved to the US with her two sisters when they became orphaned. She was very proud to be Irish, and when Al married Rose, a full blooded Italian, she didn’t speak to him for almost 3 years. Until the day my grandmother died, she and Rose never got along. I find it pretty damn sad that, that type of thinking could exist in 2008. Yet it does, and they support McCain/Palin and every other white christian, conservative whether they have the experience or the qualifications.
With so much wrong in our country, do we have to keep adding racism and ignorance into the mix?

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  1. I consider it to be a sad statement about the way that this country has ceased to function. Ever since the radical right wingers took control of the Republican party, they have practiced the politics of hate and smear campaigns; and they have been very successful at it. Which is a shame because they have destroyed the things that I most admired about them.

  2. Sadly, Islamophobia is currently the most readily acceptable forms of hatred going today. Sometimes, I wonder if racists –and I’m not singling out Dlathham here — latch onto the tired old “muslim” canard because it’s easier to get away with that then what’s underlying most of it, that Obama is, indeed, an African American. Which is a lot harder to publically get away with, these years.

    Just a thought.

  3. Rich,

    you’re right. I wonder that too. When you read some of the right wing blogs and see the thinly veiled racism you can’t help but see it’s about race. And when you read about some of what the Republicans are doing to disqualify voters (mostly in democratic areas of battleground states), you can’t help but be saddened that after all the strides made by the civil rights movement, racism is still alive and well.

    And Cuss, I’d be interested in knowing what you’ve admired about the Republican Party. Maybe it’s because I grew up during watergate, and vietname, but the republican party I’m familiar with has always been about smears and dirty tricks.

  4. I don’t want to step on Cuss’ toes.

    But historically speaking, where would our country be without Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt? Sad thing is, most Repubs now hold T.R. in utter disdain that he ever was a Republican.

  5. Very true Rich, I stand corrected. And just so Cuss knows, I wasn’t being snarky when I asked that question, I really have a genuine interest.

  6. Wow, that’s incredible someone can think that. The idea that Muslims are at war with the US is just ignorant and racist in itself.

    Also, can’t get past the name? Lamest reason I’ve ever heard.

  7. Crit,

    That got me as well. If a name is going to keep you from voting for someone, you’re better off staying hom and not voting. Sadly, these are the type of people that ALWAYS seem to vote.

  8. Although I call myself a yaller-dawg Democrat, there have been many Republicans I have admired. Alas, I can’t think of any still living. I think maybe Eisenhower was the last decent Republican, and even he got exasperated with the same sort of shenanigans we see from the GOP nowadays.

    BTW, the Republican leadership ALWAYS held TR in less than great esteem. They made him VP because they thought that’s where he could do the least damage. It never occurred to them somebody would feel strongly enough about a more vanilla than vanilla bore like McKinley to shoot him. They couldn’t wait for TR to vacate the White House and go off hunting while they turned their cat’s paw Taft loose on the country. It was during Taft’s term they codified their economic policy, which they called Laissaz-Faire during the Gilded Age, and which has been the same ever since under various names. Reagan called it Supply Side or trickle down. More accurately, Bush I called it ‘voodoo economics’ during the 1980 primaries, although most Republicans knew full well it was the official party policy. The Democrats’ eco-policy since Wilson has been consumer based, and historically better for the economy in virtually every aspect.

  9. TR and Eisenhower were the image of Republicans that I grew up with. The first political chant I learned as a child was “Kennedy is in the white house, waiting to be elected; Nixon’s in the trash can, waiting to be collected.”

    Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater were the kind of Republicans that formed my earliest image of the party and TR was a childhood hero once I started to read.

    TR wanted to demonstrate the power of the US, so he sent our navy on a round the world tour. The newspapers called it the “Great White Fleet.”

    It so angered Congress that they passed legislation to force the navy to paint their ships gray.

  10. Well, I’d like to weigh in.

    I’m an old-school Reagan Republican. Wait, before you start throwing whiskey bottles, hear me out. I don’t define myself by a political party. Crime? I’m neutral (too many people in jail for bullcrap crimes, too many blacks receiving heavier penalties than whites for the same crime, etc), military spending, I’m Republican (NOT conservative), prostitution? Liberal. 🙂

    I’m also a combat vet, and a disabled one to boot.

    I’ll admit, McCaine is no longer a veteran representative. He belongs to the political machine. He receives medical care, not at VA facilities, but at Walter Reed, and his medical package is not TRICARE4LIFE, but rather the congressional package. He’s voted against VA spending, voted against troop benefits, and a lot of other things that he should be behind.

    He’s a modern Republican. And he scares me.

    I’ll be honest, I was going to vote for Hillary just to be cruel to the American public. I wanted the vocal and snide Americans to get exactly what they wanted, because I have certain beliefs about her. (Mainly influenced by her drive to ban songs and literature with her friend Tipper “Whore” Gore)

    So why would I, a 50 Foot Ant, vote for Obama? A man with a Muslim name, who goes to Christian churches where prominent black leaders spoke out against white people like me?

    Because unlike McCain’s camp, when I sent an email asking some very pointed questions, I didn’t get a form letter thanking me for support and asking me to vote for him. I got a well thought out response (probably from a staff member) that addressed all of my concerns and questions, and when I asked further questions, I got more responses.

    So strangely enough, an old school, hard-line, Reagan Era Republican isn’t voting by party. He’s voting for the man who (to him) embodies what few ideas are left.

    (I have my own reasons for liking Bush SR and Reagan, despite the bad stuff they did, but that’s neither here nor there)

  11. 50 foot Ant,

    I would never waste a whiskey bottle by throwing it at you. Nikita, yes, but only after it was empty. I understand what you’re saying, and despite some of my more rabid political comments on SL, I don’t hate Republicans. I hate the bigotry, homophobia, and intolerance for class that has infiltrated the party. granted, as I’ve said growing up in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan era, I have a more critical view than many.

    I applaud you for taking the time in writing those emails and finding out the answers you wanted. Too often it’s just too damn easy to look at a website and not dig any deeper. I’m even guilty of that from time to time; but to be an informed voter, of either party, you sometimes have to get off your ass and do some research.

    Harlan Ellison once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, No one is entitled to an opinion, but everyone is entitled to an INFORMED opinion.

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