In his dreams

Mccain’s that is. Seems his campaign committee has already decided he won tonight’s debate with an ad placed in the Wall Street Journal online edition. Thanks to mudflats for this screenshot.

Seems to me that seeing into the future like that would be considered witchcraft to some; maybe Rev Muthee prayed over the wrong person. 

This also goes to prove how desperate the McCain campaign is right now. He tries to worm his way out of the debate, in order to play the savior of wall street, and instead makes things worse. with a sharp drop in the polls, and Palin proving to be a rock around his chicken neck, McCain then decides to proclaim himself a winner in a debate he didn’t want in the first place.

It’s been one misstep after another for this campaign, and I applaud Obama for sticking to the important things, staying on message and being an intelligent, thoughtful candidate in the midst of a crisis. I was not an Obama supporter during the primaries, I liked Hillary. however when it became clear she would not get the nomination, I kind of lost interest in the race. 

When Palin was picked for the VP slot, I got interested again. I started reading about Obama and watching his speeches on youtube. I’m impressed with him, and admit I may have been wrong in giving him short shrift in the primaries.

We’re past needing a Rambo mentality in charge. We need intelligence, and grace under pressure. Obama has shown this week, he has both, and Mccain has shown nothing but the receipt he got for selling his soul to the devil.

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  1. Nothing wrong with it, but it shows McCain has no ideas of his own. His problem is everything he does, backfires. Palin is proving to be more and more of a liability; his trip to Washington was nothing more than a publicity stunt; and when he thought Obama would blink and Obama didn’t, Mccain provided more rope to hang himself with. He doesn’t even know what suspends means; he said he’d suspend his campaign, yet continued to run ads when he said he wouldn’t.

    McCain shouldn’t worry about losing; he and the Republicans need to worry about how much they’re going to lose by.

  2. Based on McCain’s and Obama’s voting record alone, I would not vote for McCain. Palin has simply made things worse for him.

    I see echoes of what happened with Herbert Hoover in the decisions that McCain has made. I am not old enough to have known the Great Depression, but I was raised by my Grandmother was there when it happened and spoke about it often.

  3. McCain has always been for deregulation, up until this last week, when all of a sudden he tried to save his ass. At least people are seeing through this, and won’t be fooled by cheap political stunts.

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