Philbin and Dagstine, together again

It never seems to fail, when one nitwit pops up like Nikita did today, the other two follow. Dagstine was a busy, busy ear cancer survivor today posting on most every topic on the first page over at shocklines tonight.  He even manages to create a topic of his own: What’s your fiction approach

Lorenzo, you should learn how to write fiction first before trying to pretend you actually know something about it. BTW, I guess the ear cancer miraculously vanished as well, you haven’t been pumping that for attention lately. Or maybe you finally realize no one takes you seriously. Not as a writer, or as a person.

Not to be left alone, brit-hack Philbin is whoring another review of his crapic (a shiity epic is what that is), over here: Do I even have to say the first (and only) one to comment on it, is his favorite butt buddy Lorenzo?

Looks like they’re all gearing up for another clusterfuck this weekend. 

Don’t worry, I have plenty of popcorn to go around.

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