I mean seriously, WTF?

When Americans blame Republicans for the financial crisis by a margin of 2-1, a VP nominee whose approval rating dipped 10 points in a week, when a neck and neck race is suddenly breaking out-but not in your favor, what do you do?

If you’re John McCain, you suspend your campaign and say you need to be in DC to work on the financial crisis. I might give him the benefit of the doubt on this but for one thing. Obama called McCain’s campaign at 830 this morning, asking to issue a joint message about the need for bipartisanship in order to move past the crisis.

See, when you offer more of the same, with no ideas of your own, you do anything you can to win, whether you deserve the win or not. The problem for Johnny Mac is that people are beginning to see through the charades, and they’re pissed off. With this new stunt, McCain may as well give his concession speech.

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  1. Part of me wonders if this is McCain’s response to George Will’s recent scathing critique of him. Because, you know, nothing screams more “look at me, I’m TRYING to look presidential” than doing something meaningless, like calling off a debate.

    I agree with Obama. After this last week, we need that debate more than ever. Both presidential hopefuls need to be publically raked over the coals in terms of how they would handle this — you know, because one of them will have to in a couple of months.

    As for McCain, I’m sensing — and please, Rain, excuse the all caps —

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!

  2. The caps are okay, I’ve used them myself elsewhere a time or two today. someone over on mudflats brought up an interesting point, and I didn’t give it much creedence until awhile ago, when it was mentioned on CNN that McCain wanted to have the debate on Oct 2nd, the night of the VP debate, then have that debate another time (not mentioned of course). Given that Palin’s 2 interviews haven’t gone very well, is it possible that, that was the real reason? to keep HER out of a debate?

    I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but that seems plausible. She won’t give press conferences, her schedule this week has been cancelled, and her meeting yesterday at the UN were photo ops and nothing more. Add into the mix, her further troopergate problems, declining popularity and sinking poll numbers, and it makes for an interesting thought.

    Obama is right, a President needs to be able to multitask. He gets no free pass though. He’s been in the senate to know what’s been going on, there’s no reason why he couldn’t have tried to do something. However, what impresses me more and more about Obama is how frigging on message he stays. He is so focused and so issue oriented, he’s putting more “senior” politicians to shame.

  3. Well, given that she now seems stupider every time she opens her mouth, I wouldn’t doubt that either. You know, I’ve had problems with Biden in the past, but the one thing I’ll give him is this: the man knows how to talk, and given how weak Palin rhetorically is, debating Biden would become a deathsport almost. Biden would absolutely crush her.

    As I said in a different thread: after this week, McCain’s campaign really looks to be in its death throes at the moment.

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