One cancer cell away from the Presidency

I’m posting the Katie Couric interview of Sarah Palin as a public service. This woman has no business being a governor let alone a Vice president. This interview proves it.


0 thoughts on “One cancer cell away from the Presidency

  1. Hey Rain, seen the footage of Letterman ripping McCain a new one?

    Honestly, I think his campaign has gone into a death spiral this week.

  2. I saw that, and he’s going on about him again tonight. Letterman is in rare form this week. I’ve always loved him ever since his first show in the morning on NBC.

  3. LOL! I’ve heard that said by countless people over the course of the past 6 weeks. It’s hardly original. now unless you have a copyright on the phrase, I suggest you pretend to be butthurt someplace else.

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