I was right

Last week over on the mudflats blog, as the financial industry imploded on its bought out, greedy carcass, I said Obama would take over as leader in the polls with over 50%. In the latest poll from abcnews and the Washington Post, Obama is up 52-43%. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/24/83-percent-of-americans-t_n_128822.html Much of that can be atributed to the ties McCain has the financial industry, and the fact that 8 years of Bush policies has not only failed, but dug a hole so deep it will be a long while before the country can climb out.

I also think it’s something else. For all their talk of change and reform, of transparent government, McCain/Palin are showing it’s all talk. McCain is still guilty of voting with Bush 91% of the time. Palin with help from the McCain team is still stonewalling the troopergate investigation. They talk about issues with no idea of how to fix them. Palin isn’t allowed to talk to the press, was ushered through meetings with minor world leaders for photo ops, and yet the republicans still claim she’s fit.

Physically fit, perhaps, but was there ever a more vacuous, shallow VP nominee? Not in my lifetime. The truth express McCain is so proud of hass derailed.

Not that it was ever on track to begin with.

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  1. I’ve been juggling Palin and Dan Quayle in my mind, trying to decide who’s worse. I think Quayle still wins, but not by much. He was equally as malignant a tumor on the ass of the body politic, but the lower IQ moves him a space or two ahead.

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing, but Palin tips the scales for me with her total inability to answer a question. She got taken to the cleaners by Matt Lauer and now Katie couric; neither of whom are hardball reporters. no wonder they’re keeping her from press conferences and now trying to juggle debates. biden would eat her for lunch, then pick his teeth with her leg bone.

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