How to be a nitwit in 6 posts or less

Going by the name AD.thenewabsurdistforum, this new Shockline member has shown how to be a nitwit in 6 posts or less. You’ll remember a brief mention of him from a post about Lorenzo last week when he called Janrae batshit crazy. He did everything to kiss AD’s hind quarters to get someone, anyone, to pay attention to him. well the oozefest continues. And not surprisingly, they go after the english language.

apparently, AD doesn’t believe you have to write using proper english. L33t speak, txt speak is perfectly acceptable. After all, according to AD, William Gibson wrote a short story using nothing but full stops and commas for grammar. New nitwit writes:

This is the 21st century and language is changing… communication has developed… ever sent a text message? Did you understand it? I wager you did. 

Why yes, I have sent text messages, and I generally understand what I write.  The question here is do you? Simply because one author wrote a story to experiment with style, does not make it okay to further corrupt the principles and rules of communication. So I would kindly suggest you learn how to write first, and then maybe experiment. Simply because language is changing (something very open to debate anyway) is not an excuse to write crap. 

But you’ve been tomoviewed so you know that by now.

and Lorenzo, ever the helpful parasite, posts a link to this article, for evidence. Read it and hurl.

Class dismissed.

0 thoughts on “How to be a nitwit in 6 posts or less

  1. If you want to be understood, you speak clearly.
    Oh, and since when has punctuation and grammar held back creativity? Used correctly, they enhance it by aiding and emphasising expression.

    Also, I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for. Someone really good at something tends to be highly sought after and costs, but is worth it for doing it right.

  2. >_> I like leet speak as a joke. thats all it really is. a joke and a way to get info out fast over text. I can see using it when writing about a txt message one person sent the other. but you wouldn’t write a whole story using it.

  3. That article was so poorly written that it was worth every penny I paid to read it. Bob Freeman’s comment was perhaps the best one on the entire thread.

    It’s fairly obvious that, with his expectation of being “invited to discuss” the work, AD doesn’t understand the point of a Tomoview. He may claim he has a sense of humor about it — maybe he does — but I smell butthurt.

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