Everything Old made new…mostly

For those who read my post about the tale of two kitties, knows I’d been trying to d/l a 1.5 gig patch for The Witcher. Well I was finally able to finish the d/l without any further disconnects, install it, and finally play. The good news is the long d/l was worthwhile. In addition to decreased loading times, a new and improved inventory system, there is an addiotnal 5000 lines of spoken dialogue, more differences in NPC’s and improved performance.

The bad news (such as it is) is The Witcher remains one of the bleakest, most amoral RPG ever created. Based on a series of novels by polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher tells the tale of Geralt, a witcher who spends his time going from town to town slaying demons and monsters.  That;s really all you need to know, as any plot points in the game would be spoiled. Next to planescape:torment, this is one of the most plot heavy rpg’s to come out in years. choices you make early in the game affect what happens late in the game. How you treat others will dictate how NPC’s react to you. yet the choices are really bad or worse. There are few likable characters in the game; even Geralt has some boorish, asshole moments. One task is to bed down with as many women as possible and collect pictures of the women post coitus. There’s a bar brawl mini game, a dice game and a drinking game. Yup, that’s how The Witcher rolls.

Yet, as fun as being unabashedly evil can be, it gets a bit boring after awhile, especially with gameplay lasting 70 hours or more. (My first plathrough when I got the game last winter was about 73 hours and that was without doing all of the quests) Still, you won’t find a more original RPG for the PC out there, and that’s why I recommend The Witcher.

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