I’m a heterophobe!

Well according to La Femme Nikita, I am. I mean he wouldn’t lie would he? He never lied about being 100% Italian. He would never send anyone a fraudulent paypal invoice. He’d never not pay a writer, would he? 

Here’s the complete insult, taken from his wordpress blog. 

 Raingods is the biggest raging HETEROPHOBE I’ve seen on here and some of these schmucks are going around pirating everything I guess this is giving them a permit to go pirating Tabloid Purposes II because Baxter got it shut down.

Let that sink in. On second thought, don’t. It could scar you permanently. Apparently Nikita was in such a rush , he forgot punctuation and grammar. Okay, he always does that, but can someone please tell send him a Strunk and White’s? 

And for the record, I’m not a heterophobe, I’m a douchephobe-an intense dislike for all nitwits.

0 thoughts on “I’m a heterophobe!

  1. You can tell he’s just soooooo dang proud of himself for coming up with such a cutting and witty one as “heterophobe.” It’s really kind of sad in a hilarious sort of way.

  2. Uh…that makes no sense. Nikita, I mean, not you.

    How are people going around pirating TP II if it’s been shut down? And what the hell does Tabloid Purposes mean, anyway?

  3. LOL, critgit. Pity because the nitwits are all hetero, and you have to claim them as your own-so to speak.

    Alice, don’t look for any sense in what Nikita says, it’s not there. I think he calls it TP because those are the only two words he can spell without mistakes.

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