Paging common sense for Mr. Philbin!

Leave it ti Mikkake, just as Nikita’s rants were getting even more boring (if that’s even possible), Phoolbin steps in to provide some fresh lulz.

Never one to have an original thought (detecting a pattern with the nitwits?), Mikkake relies on other certified loons for his coontroversy and conspiracy claptrap. Whether it’s his NWO obsession, his love affair with Alex Jones, or how the corporation is sticking it to the sheep, Mikkake fails to have any of his own ideas.

C’mon Mikkake, stop being lazy. I’m sure you have plenty of crazy ideas, other than the you’re being a good writer.

Don’t make me take my tin foil hat award away.

0 thoughts on “Paging common sense for Mr. Philbin!

  1. I don’t think Philbin was expecting the results he got. Not even Dagstine posted on that thread, and the lulz were flowing so freely that Mikkake hasn’t even posted his usual wah-fest. I wonder if he sent a PM to Matt to try to get the thread deleted.

    But regardless, once again Mikkake proves he doesn’t do his homework. Ever.

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