Nikita’s two kitchens

Yup, turns out La femme Nikita not only doesn’t live in a basement he actually has, not one BUT two kitchens! That would explain his pudgy squirrel like look. As we all know, Nikita loves to store nuts in his cheeks. anyway, with ETT back (YAY!) Nikita has posted yet another blog and vlog here: He starts his mercifully brief ode to all with a very accurate self assessment:

You assholes thought I was a vile human being before, I guess I am willing to say that the Goons of does quarters with EncyclopediaDramatica with shots of their own piss with a bowl of shit as a chaser for breakfast. (I am talking about them drinking piss.)

well La Femme Nikita, Vile is merely one word. Here are some more: illitirate, racist, homophobe, douchebag, talentless, liar, thief, plagiarizer. 

I understand that if you eat shit and drink piss it tasted just like one of Nikita’s stories.

And for some good info (and far more accrurate than Nikita could ever be) about his pop, check out ETT’s newest blog entry. Glad to have you back ETT!

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