Nikita’s little secret

Thanks to Rusty for letting me put this up here. Everytime I see this I just giggle. Aside from the fact, it shows no proof that Nikita paid the writer (All it shows it that it cleared from his bank and into his paypal account), he also let out his dirty little secret.

Once you click on the image you see little lord fondlhimself was looking for bondage sleepsacks. Not being into bondage I had no idea what they were, so I went a googling and here’s what I found on wikipedia: Sleepsacks are a popular type of bondage (BDSM) gear. Sleepsacks are primarily used to confine a person comfortably for an extended period of time. [1] Similar to a conventional sleeping bag, a person climbs into a sleepsack and is usually zipped into it up to their neck. Generally sleepsacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of the experience.

now I find this more than a little creepy. Oh, not the item itself, but the fact Nikita is interested in one. While I think putting him in one and throwing him into the river would be jolly good fun, what would he plan on doing with one? Does Granny let him have visitors? Or does he have more sinisters motives? 

Now if you’ll excuse I need to bleach my brain.

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  1. He’s definitely “batshit crazy” and this kind of confirms it. On the basis of his ex gf’s comments posted to Rusty, it is clear that Nicky wants someone to put him in one.

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