Everybody in the pool!

Well if it’s not NIkita extorting people for money, stealing their stories or finding sleepsacks, it’s Phoolbin with his tinfoil brigade. and now we have Douchestain being an uteer and total prick. Again. 

It starts at shocklines (well of course it does, what doesn’t start there?) Where a butt hurt author who got tomoviewed here http://tomoview.net/forum/index.php?topic=14185.0, whines about elitism. Douchestain makes a snarky comment about Janrae in the guise of railing against the very same people he tried to fit in with a few months back on Odark.  Janrae defends herself and Douchestain then has the gall to call her batshit crazy.

Look you nitwits, I work 10 hours a day, try to write, play World of Warcraft, keep up with the info on Palin over at mudflats, and keep up on my blog.; would you cooridinate your meltdowns so they don’t all happen at once? sheesh.

And Lorenzo, if you really want to see batshit crazy, look in the mirror.

time for me to settle a score with a dwarf (and I don’t mean La Femme Nikita).

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  1. I just had a look back on Janrae’s blog, out of curiousity. I thought there might be come comment that he had twisted.

    Instead, 3 months ago, (June/July) when he was flaunting his illness for sympaty (if he had one), she had other fish frying. He barely gets mentioned till he started up with his own attacks.

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