Spore – Final Impressions

Having played enough of the final phase of Spore-the space section, I can say, that out of all the games I’ve ever played, this is certainly one of them. I didn’t go into this with any preconceived notions, or fanboy anticipation. I haven’t followed every little thing that’s been printed about Spore during its extended (about 6 years) development cycle. I came into it because I knew I could expect a fun, quality game. 

What I got was a mostly fun, pretty good quality game. The game is divided into 5 phases, as I’ve mentioned which can be broken down this way:

1) Cell-pretty much like pacman. You go around eating bits of plant or kill other cells and devour them. You find parts that you can add to create a stronger cell. Once you grow a brain (something our favorite nitwits should consider) and get legs you move onto land and to phase two.

2) Creature-In spite of not really having a lot to do other than shake your ass at other creatures to befriend them, or beat the snot out of them, you get to create an almost limitless amount of creatures. Every once in awhile a UFO will hover over and beam up other creatures. No word on if anal probes were used. Once you make nice or make war, you go to the tribal stage.

3)Tribal-This resembles an old school RTS like Warcraft I or II. Minus the depth. Or the fun. This was my least favorite stage. When I started I wanted to go through the whole game without killing. NOt for any pascifist reasoning, but to see if I could. It’s almost impossible to do so. I managed to befriend 5 tribes by plying them with gifts, shooting off fireworks and playing music. The sixth tribes were a bunch of fuckers though. They’d have nothing to do with my gifts, didn’t want to hear music; they just wanted to rip my face off. So I burned their base down.

They left me no choice. Really. but they did get me to the next phase…

4) civilization-This is the most Sims like of all of them. You control one city, and depending on how you treated others, you conquer other cities by war, money or good old fashioned bible thumping.  Because of my dogooder status I became a religious zealot.

I’m sorry. Next time I’ll murder people. It seems to be the better solution. I advanced far enough to create a space ship and became a Captain of my own spacecraft!

5) Space – Finally the game starts to shine. you get to go into space and visit an infinite amount of other planets, to colonize, terraform, and take over. But you also have to zip home sometimes when space pirates attack. That happened frequently enough it made getting to the center of the galaxy difficult. 

There’s no real ending, you just keep going from planet to planet. And this is Spore’s greated strength and weakness. It’s so open ended you’ll always have something to do, but you also get somewhat overwhelmed. 

Spore is well worth the 50 bucks. There’s enough to play and tinker with for hours on end, but like chinese food, it leaves you wanting more an hour later.

still, for the variety of gameplay, great graphics and a couple of unexpected laugh out loud moments, Spore gets a solid B.

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