La Femme Nikita’s Love letter

So I got a nice little email from Nikita, the subject is, Listen faggot. He writes:

You go aroind pirating someone’s works just because you hate the person.   I bet your mother is crying somewhere with you being a total douche, and a wannabe fandom wank.   I hate fags enough,  but people like you piss me off all the more.  Let people read the articles where they are at on associated content and let me earn the money from them.  If you really hate what I do you fucking douche then why the fuck you read it?

Dear Nikita,

Thank your your email! It means so much to me when you take time out of your schedule to send me one of your missives. It appears however, you have little understanding of what piracy is, or what compels me to spend my precious time documenting your antics. We have all tried so very, very hard to explain to you what exactly piracy is, and what it’s not. I’m sorry that even with your high IQ you still can’t comprehend.

As for what you put on Associated Content, really Nikita, it’s just not worth the money. trust me on this. Your anthologies, stories, and whatnot aren’t worth the paper they get printed on or the bandwidth that’s wasted on the web. It’s incoherent, riddled with bad spelling, atrocious grammar, and is guilty of the worst sin a writer can make: it’s boring. I read it, so others can spare their sanity. I’m like John McCain that way; I suffer for others. Had his captors read your work to him, he would have broken in a split second. 

As for my mother, she loves and cares about me very much, which is more than I can say for yours. Keep in touch!


0 thoughts on “La Femme Nikita’s Love letter

  1. Ouch!

    By the way, I know this isn’t the place but I showed my brother your series of comments on getting to know spore. He laughed his arse off!
    Hope you’re not dying so much now. (realises can go check)

  2. No problem Crit. glad he enjoyed it. i’ll be putting my final thoughts on it up this week. I just started the final space stage and want to play it more before I give it a final review.

    And no, I’m not dying quite as much. However, my peaceable approach has made me into a religious zealot!

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