All in the family tree

Or in the same trailer park, as the case may be. Our ace investigator from Illinois, simply can’t get his Own facts straight. He writes here

Seems like The Rusty Nail is getting her facts wrong again,  the cousin who did the family tree fucked up on the site, 

So who got the facts wrong? Rusty, or another member of your dimbulb family who doesn’t even know their own relatives?

I am part of a blended family too. 

So your continued insistence on being 100% Italian is a lie, too? well know, there’s a shock.

They are picking on the in-laws

Uh, Nikita, in-laws are related by marriage. you’re not married (and never will, given that every woman in America would have nothing to do with you) so who exactly are you referring to?

 As of tomorrow my number will be active but need to get a phone for it to work because it is operating on my relatives old phone jack. 

You have to love that logic! Of course it’s the phone that allows the new number. Nikita once again flexes his IQ and can’t even raise a mosquito bite of a muscle.

  I am still doing new stories got a contributor I am waiting on and saw his story on

Okay, I give, what does one have to do with another? does this contributor know he won’t get paid like the others who haven’t been paid? 

Remember, this can happen to you if you’re not careful:

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