Nikita’s meltdown

Like a meth addict hitting the pipe, La Femme Nikita has proven how little he cares about what we say by posting on his various blogs all frigging day! He’s taken shots at everyone he can possibly think of, and has done so with his usual incoherence. 

You would think that with all the babbling he does, his writing would get better, but it doesn’t. It gets even worse, more repetitive and indicates the type of psychosis that would require long term hospitalization. Or a kick in the ass.

While seeing him in a nice suit jacket with pretty ties in the back would be welcome, I opt for the kick in the ass.

Lucky for me Brian Keene did that today. Taking some time to reminisce about his dealings with the feeble minded dwarf of Glen Ellyn, Keene posted this today:

Nikita’s running total today has been a total of 11 posts on his various rat nests. It’s a shame he spends so much time telling us how important he is, what schmucks we are, but never really manages to say much of importance. It’s no wonder his next anthology didn’t make it out on Sept. 11th like he promised, he’s too busy having a breakdown.

Now excuse me while I make more popcorn and continue watching the trainwreck that is La Femme Nikita.

0 thoughts on “Nikita’s meltdown

  1. They hardly ever use those coats that buckle up the back any more. They hardly ever do the icepick-through-eyesocket lobotomies either. Or the cold-water baths. Electroshock is making a comeback but all toned down and stuff.

    Oh, for the good ol’ days of psychiatric care!

  2. I was in a weekly group therapy situation when they had a family day and we were allowed to bring our mates. My then husband jumped at the opportunity to explain how “evil” I was. The shrink then told him that there was nothing wrong with me that would not be cured by a divorce.

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