La Femme Nikita is off his meds again…

Not one to let Phoolbin and Dickstine grab all the limelight, La Femme Nikita is on another rampage. Grab some Tums, a bottle of booze and hold on, it’s NIkita time!

He starts out with what is his norm; something which makes no sense and as incoherent as McCain trying to explain Sarah Palin’s qualifications.

The fun in being published with Associated Content, the assholes who read the articles take what I say out of context when I wrote the article with a strong acid burning truth behind it.

Fun meaning, AP takes any piece of turd on a stick and tells everyone it’s an Oscar Mayer wierner.

 The thing that will piss them off with the articles is that the place is open 24/7.

Yes, so remember to get there before closing time!

He rambles on with more of the same 6 phrases he uses over and over, and actually thinks people care about what he says.

Newsflash NIkita: No one pays attention to your writing, and I’ve read your AP piece without paying you a cent! As most everyone else has. Enjoy that whopping 1/2 cent! Maybe you can use it to pay the writers you haven’t paid yet.

Of course, he refuses to allow comments, because he knows there’s nothing he can say to defend himself or his”writing” that would actually make a difference. As Barack said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”

Although if you put lipstick on Nikita, it may get him aroused. No one wants his 4″ turd on a stick (or twig) aroused, now do they?

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