Spore – further impressions

So I ┬áspent a good part of last night playing some more, and I like this game. I don’t love it, but it’s fun and damn addictive.

But not without problems. Divided into 5 stages, cell, creature, tribe, civilization and space, I’ve gotten into the tribe area. My one problem is the save function. Once you go into a new stage, you automaticaly save, but can’t go back to another stage unless you start a new game. And once in tribe, you can’t work on your creature any longer. So if you created something that works well in the creature phase, it may not play as well in the tribe phase. You can outfit them with hats, fanny packs etx for stat boosts, but they don’t look or fit right if you’re creature is well..a creature.

It may be unfair to review Spore as I haven’t gotten through the whole game, but as I go through the game I see much that could have been done and wasn’t.

Expansion packs for Christmas?

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  1. honestly it seems like a great casual game. I”d love to play it once they can be convinced to remove the DRM. it doesn’t stop the piracy at all.

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