Lorenzo’s laments and spins

Rusty posted about this earlier, but I couldn’t resist commenting on his latest hijinks. In this corner, the mighty Larry weighs in on his problems with ebay and its shipping and handling rules. Seems that with 300 credits on his resume, he can’t seem to make ends meet and has put some books up on ebay. Not content to play by the rules, he whines how unfair ebay is in protecting its customers from being gouged on shipping charges. 


Here’s a hint Larry, and others have mentioned it, do what most people with half a brain do, incorporate the charges in the price of the book. Since they’re not one of your own, you’ll actually make money! Use media rate! Donate them to the local library. Stop whining about every little thing in the world. 

In the other corner, Lorenzo talks up his Coney Island project on his website. http://lawrencedagstine.com/2008/09/08/lawrence-dagstine-the-coney-island-project/.

As usual, he provides quite a few lulz in this one. 

TCIP will be a 5,000 word article, which may even top 7,500 words, 

Now I’m no math whiz, but even I know 5000 doesn’t top 7500. Nothing like clarity, and proofreading is there, Larry?

This is my first reporting gig, too, and so far I’ve taken a total of 192 pictures — 20 of which can be found below; these particular ones will probably not make the final cut.  

given, you limited abilities, also your last, if it even makes the cut. I’m also quite positive those pics won’t make the cut, but I’m sure you can use them to accompany your story in Asimov’s. What? You’re not in Asimov’s? Make that 299 credits, then.

I’m also now looking beyond the landmarks presented before you (the ones they can’tknock down), to make room for a non-fiction book filled with equally rich photography and history about the location. 

So they’re making room for a book? Seems to me, they wouldn’t need much space, even if it was a coffee table book.

This was one of my crappier shots

Larry tells the truth! Alert the media! First explain who Dagstine is though.

He ends this spin by thanking two people, one for access to photos of the Mermaid Parade, and another for upgraded  (meaning something other than his camera phone) camera equipment.  Here’s another hint Larry, it’s not the camera quality that creates a good picture, it’s the photographer. 


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  1. Is there anyone else out there who thinks Lawwy’s pictures look an awful lot like postcards? I dunno, just something about them reminds me of cheap postcards.

  2. There’s a serious lack of people in those “photos,” which is highly unusual for summer on Coney Island. They do look like postcards, and I’d be amazed if they weren’t taken over the winter.

  3. Well that would be Daggy’s style. He can say he took the picture without actually having to do the work. Typical of him, really.

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