Spore – first impressions

9:17- Purchased Spore at Frys Electronics, with about 20 or so other people. The poor clerk, finally gave up putting them on the shelf and started handing them out of the box. an interesting note is that, a majority of those buying Spore were my age or a bit younger. The youngest I saw was probably 16-17, then a gap to age 27 or so. Some may have been buying it for their kids, but the customers I talked to were as excited as I was about playing it. 

9:38-Began the installtion process.

9:53-Still installing. I start the beginning of this blog entry and make some coffee. My cat is scratching at the living room window because she sees some pigeons.

10:03 Installation finally finishes. Can’t play yet, have to pee from the coffee I drank while waiting for the install to complete.

10:13-Annoyed that no shortcuts were placed on the desktop, spend ten minutes finding the directory where it was installed.

10:15-I float around in primordial soup to the wonderful soundtrack that Brian Eno created. I’m an omnivore and eat plankton. Very pacman-like.

10:17-I get eaten. I am reborn with no visible side effects.

1027-I evolve fins and can swim faster.

10:29-I get eaten. apparently I’m not fast enough.

1034: I send out a mating call and evolve. 

10:35 I’m eaten by mate. Bitch.

1056: I evolve legs and am on dry ground. good thing too, as some of those sea creature were nasty bastards. I stretch my legs and look for food.

10:57-I get eaten. 

More to follow.  With barely 45 minutes played, I like it. The graphics are nice, and in spite of this being a brand new game, it runs on my laptop just fine. I’ve been eaten a lot (if only my sex life involved this much lip action)but I simply respawn, so there’s no real sense of finality. The controls are easy, and the tutorial aspect is pretty good. It holds your hand but knows when to let go and see if you play in traffic. 

11:21-a short nap and back to being eaten.

1:03 Despite being a carnivore, I’m able to make friends by singing and dancing to other species. 

1:35-I find a new nest and win my first fight.

1:37-I get killed.

0 thoughts on “Spore – first impressions

  1. Yeah, I’ve been killed quite a bit, but once I learned some of the nuances my creature stage became easier. I’ll have more to post on this tonight when I get home.

  2. I’m not a fan of SIM type games but this did look interesting. However my old PC probably lacks the required resources to run it. Hell, I tried sparking up the Warhammer MMO and I found out I didn’t have enough memory for it. 😛

  3. The requirements are the same as for the The Sims 2. I can run it on my laptop without any noticable problems. You’ll have to let me know how Warhammer is, if you get it running!

  4. Can’t go wrong with 2 gigs, and it’s cheap enough. I bought 2 gigs for my laptop and it was about 120 bucks.

    Oddly, that was how much I paid for a 4 meg strip back when I had my 486.

  5. Spore has DRM, and NOT securerom. I researched about that prior to buying it. The reviewers on Amazon are posting things that were SUPPOSED to have gone into the game to ward off piracy, but it doesn’t. We’ve talked about that over on myextralife.com forums.

    I don’t like the DRM either, but I can live with it. I learned long ago, the reviews and comments on Amazon, are about as helpful as reviews on IMDB. 😛

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