Separating the nitwits from the douchebags

I’m beginning to see La Femme Nikita’s point. While he is the biggest asshole I’ve ever encountered, I think I understand what he sometimes says. And I have the something awful forums to thank.

Janrae made a mistake in posting something there, and the douchebage brigade, couldn’t wait to jump on something they thought was from Nikita. Janrae spoke of her polio and PTSD. she shared some personal things and what she got in return was blind ignorance, polio jokes and disbelief. This proved something I’ve thought for awhile; some people try to out douche Nikita in their hostility and comments. 

I’m not defending ANYTHING La Femme Nikita says or does-this poor excuse for a human being is a blight on an already contaminated gene pool, and I will certainly not stop blogging about him or any of the nitwits; but reading the posts on SA made me sick. It also made me glad I didn’t join that forum. Somehow someone decided that was a rant from Nikita, in spite of how well it was written, the fact it sounded NOTHING like what Nikita posts, someone thought so and everyone else fell over the cliff like lemmings. It was sick, embarrassing and displayed a nitwit charactersitic, ignorance. 

It’s a sad day when one can’t tell the nitwits from the douchebags.

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  1. Originally, I figured that once people realized it was accidentally posted as a new post, rather than a reply, the hubbub would die down, but five pages later, people there have really shown their lack of reading comprehension. Sure, as a new post, it’s completely out of context, and I can understand the initial confusion, but damn.

    I’ve never made fun of anyone for a typo. If I’m doing line editing, I’ll correct it, but the insults over there about a typo and intelligence, etc. are beyond absurd. You’d think nobody on that forum ever made a typo, or ever clicked on the wrong button. Sheesh.

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