Neglecting the Nitwits

While I’ve been following politics the last few days, I fear I’ve neglected the Legion. Fear not my Legion, I’ve not forgotten you1 There are more important things than a trio of hacks with ego’s the size of a Montana sky. why just this morning, Lorenzo, in an effort to further cozy himself up Phoolbin’s rectum started this thread on Shocklines. Well, Lorenzo, the fact is, the only conspiracy at work is the one between you and Mikkake who keep touting conspiracies, books of reprints, and an ever changing amount of credits (some to good and respected to tell anyone). Nikita was very busy! So busy, I don’t have the time to recap all his madness, so I refer you over to my friends at for all his current illiterate ramblings. If you want see La Femme Nikita’s homophobia on display-again-he posted a couple of lovely comments here:

As for what Phoolbin is up to, he’s too busy obviating.

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