Nascar gnome style

So I was running around Azeroth, on my way to Gadgetzan (the main city for gnomes) when I came across a race car circuit. 

I didn’t stick around very long-but I’ll be going back to see if there are actual races. WoW, just when I thought I’d seen it all, Blizzard amazes me with something totally unexpected.


The third picture is on the flight path to Orgrimmar, and obviously not a picture of a race track.

0 thoughts on “Nascar gnome style

  1. Everything the gnomes and goblins do in that game is hilarious. They’re like some crazy cross of mad scientists and insane capitalists, always doing crazy shit.

  2. Yeah, it really makes me want to roll up a gnome character. Of course, if my guild found out, I’d never hear the end of it 😛

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