That’s all folks…

I think this picture says it all…

Seriously, that was the best he could do? Let’s put aside the puke green backdrop for the first ten minutes; or the makeup job that made him look embalmed; we can even put aside that after all the right wing squawking about Obama not wearing a flag pin in his lapel, MCCAIN didn’t wear one during his acceptance speech.

Put that aside for just a moment. Listening to this speech was like being locked in a car, forced to endure all of grandpa’s war stories, that he’s told for the past 40 years.The most boring speech I have ever heard. And the thing is, I’ve heard McCain give great speeches in the past. But he seemed tired, a bit out of it. Maybe he knows he’s destined to lose and was simply going through the motions. But did he have to be so damned boring? Were it not for my friends over at mudflats blog, I’d have been zonked into a near permanent coma. 

We can even put the boring aspect aside, for a moment. He talked about taking back Washington, despite the fact they’ve had it in their hip pocket for 8 years. He invoked his now mythical POW status, where he single handedly ended the war with a cigarette lighter and a stick. He fell in love with ther US while being captive; this makes the assumption he didn’t love it before?


I quote this: They invaded a small, democratic neighbor to gain more control over the world’s oil supply, intimidate other neighbors, and further their ambitions…  

For a moment I didn’t know who he was talking about. I thought he meant the US. turns out he meant Russia. Hard to tell the difference.

It was full of everything the right loves, and none of what Americans needed to hear.  There was no substance. Sure he made promises but nothing about how it would be implemented. Obama went to great lengths to detail what and how he would create change.

All McCain showed was how tired grandpa gets when it’s past his bedtime.

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  1. McCains hypocracy knows no bounds. Ditto on the speech, it sucked. I was telling my wife, after the performance at the RNC, the forced boos, the people falling asleep, all he needs now is to take a dive off a stage like Dole did during the ’90’s. I hope it happens. By the way, if McCain dies before the election, do you think the repubs would scrap the tickets and get a new one?

  2. with them being so enamored of Palin right now, I don’t think so. I’d see them putting her up for President and picking another VP-and that’s even scarier.

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