Mama Rain and Sister Rain

I spoke with Mama Raingods this morning, curious about her take on the speech from Scaracuda last night. Let me preface her comment by saying she’s been a lifelong Republican and switched to being a Democrat in 1996 only because she thought Bob Dole was too old to be president and was concerned about her impening retirement. In many ways she’s still a Republican, and was somewhat comfortable voting for McCain. Her response to me was, “That woman is batshit crazy. There’s no way I’d ever vote for him as long as she’s on the ticket.”

I asked her how my sister was doing in the wake of the hurricane, and she said that Sister raingod’s brother in-law went with her husband to total up the damage and it came to 31,000 dollars, not including what was in the garage. The Red Cross had gotten them assistance within 72 hours, and FEMA said they could apply for a loan through them and it would take 90-120 days to process.

It’s that kind of red tape that is strangling this country.

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  1. I do wonder how much Palin will backfire, esp with women. The pandering seems kind of insulting to begin with, and the endless mantra of how “hot” she is must get extra annoying to women (even I’ve gotten annoyed, and it’s not a phrase I have anything intrinsically against).

  2. Well it doesn’t seem to be working. Obama has raised 10 million bucks since her speech last night, is over 50% in some polls-meanwhile the republicans only raised 1 million. Despite what the MSM is reporting, there’s a lot of people disgusted with her speech.

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