Philbin’s quest for the tin foil hat award

Not one to rest on his ample laurels after getting hatchecked on his goodreads page, Phoolbin is once again skating on the already thin ice of sanity. This time he’s promoting Loose Change, a “documentary” about the never ending 9/11 conspiracies.

He’s so intent on trying to make himself seem so underground and hip, that he doesn’t see that no one takes him, his crackpot ideas, or his Alex Jones worship seriously. 

I disagree with everything Bush and company stand for. but they can’t wage a successful war, find bin Laden, lower gas prices, ease the middle class struggle but can orchestrate 9/11? Not bloody likely. The guiltiest Bush is, is simply the fact he NEVER read a report entitled Bin Laden’s plans to Strike US.” a full month before the attacks.

Yet Phoolbin has shown that like NIkita and Daggy, he doesn’t let facts get in the way of his thoughts. One more cry for attention and one more failure.

0 thoughts on “Philbin’s quest for the tin foil hat award

  1. Wow, not that old shit, and agree, I certainly don’t think the american administration is that heartless or adept, nor do I think you could keep it a secret.

    On the thread itself, that’s some serious smackage.

  2. And of course Lorenzo is there to back Phoolbin up. They must be joined at the ego.

    They may be heartless, but they’re really not adept at anything except lining their pockets.

  3. LOL Cuss, hadn’t thought about them being the 3 stooges, but you’re right! Only problem is, I LIKE Larry Moe and Curly. Larry, Phoolbin and NIkita, not so much.

  4. I agree. And Nicky is not guilty of creating that video with the toilet. Dagstine did it. The title is correctly spelled, the handle is something that nick would not use, and when I sent the link to myself, it came up “I love frankfurters.” Again, Nick can’t spell that well.

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