Absolutely disgusted

I’m sick to my stomach right now. I’ve spent the last 35-40 minutes listening to sarah Palin give her acceptance speech. If EVER there was someone who shouldn’t be in the white house-even on a tour-it’s her. This was one of the nastiest, inept, and revolting speeches I’ve seen. It’s clear they’re going to try and make her a pit bull;however given the number of lies and attacks that littered her speech, it’s not going to do much good. 

She once again said she was against the bridge to nowhere, even though it’s been proven she was for it. 

She claimed she would be there for special needs parents, yet cut funding for special needs students in AK by 62%.

She had the nerve to critisize Obama’s experience, neglecting her own deficiencies.

And she discovered a new country; Eye-Raq. 

Obama and Biden compared the differences between what their administration would do compared to McCain. They both laid out plans, explained their reasoning and gave thoughtful, forward looking messages. 

The Republicans have YET to talk about the economy in any meaningful way-if at all-and refuse to talk about anything but 9/11 and MCCain being a POW. 

Romney, Guiliani, and Palin, all sickening, hateful and repugnant. and they all think their party deserves 4 more years? 

Not fucking likely.

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  1. Good point Mike. As a Democrat and agnostic, I’ve had precious little to be proud of in my party, but I think this Republican ticket matches the worst the Dems had, Dukakis/Bentsen in ’88.

    If McCain had stayed true to his Maverick status and picked a running mate who wasn’t pandering to the extremists, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem.

    However the total lack of substance in the speeches this week has left me cold, angry and depressed.

  2. What they did do – dishonestly but adeptly – was keep going on about “Washington elite” and “insiders” as though the Dems had been in power the last 8 years and got us into the various messes we are in now, and what we need are a couple “Mavericks”! It’s nearly impossible to believe it’d work at this point, but you never know.

  3. I caught Romney’s speech on the BBC late last night, when nothing else was on. I especially picked up on the ‘giving rights to the terrorists in guantanamo’.
    Would have loved to point out to him that four of those once held there have been released and sent back to the UK. As in, they were not terrorists.
    Prove they are terrorists, then call them that.

    I also hate to tell him that the world is no longer looking to the USA for help and leadership, and that’s because of recent events.

    Huckabee is a good bloke though. I saw him on the Colbert Report and he handled it very well, even when asked serious questions.

  4. Good points, Crit and KP. Their ability to sell Fear is without peer.

    Campaigning is all about disnformation; even from the start of the US, politics was mudslinging. Read David McCollough’s book on John Adams for some great mudslinging. However the tone and venom the republicans have taken is so over the top in its negativity, they need to be taken to task for it.

    As for Huckabee, he seems nice enough, and while I disagree with him ideologically, he’s an engaging speaker.

  5. They got my vote. Go Palin — history is going to be made and by the Republican Party. Hey bolsonon, man I agree with you that RainGods needs to shut up. Palin good luck. I love the Pitbull analogy because my ex-girlfriend’s mother was a hockey mom.

  6. Not that it’s any of your business Nikita, but gay marriage is not my main concern. Unlike you, I think of more important things, like ending the war, improving the economy, keeping roe v wade legal, creating jobs, eliminating the free ride that big business has gotten.

    Things like that. I know I’ve been neglecting you the last few days, but with the conventions over, I’ll be talking about you again. Don’t you worry about that.

  7. Brand new meme in re: GOP Barbie (regular viewers of the new Doctor Who series will get this, some won’t but more than enough of your friends will):

    “Don’t you think she looks tired?”

    Pass it on.

  8. I kind of think of it as this way;

    Voting for McCain/Palin is like reaching into the closet, taking out the shotgun and shoving it in your mouth. The only thing needed to end the senario is to pull the trigger/vote them in.

    At least if you vote Obama/Biden, you might think about the suicide you’re about to do first.

    Personally I don’t like Palin, but being a Cannuk, my opinion doesn’t matter much (Except my fiancee is American, which does concern me).

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