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I posted a comment on Sl yesterday in response to a comment made by Jknight here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6386

And today my comment was taken out of context and posted on Odark here: http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=15371.30.ored

I don’t want to say things got heated, because all I was doing was stating my opinion while being bored at work. Well some got offended and I was called a moron. I referred to the one calling me a moron as a right wing toady. Still, I wasn’t angry, but stating my opinion. I’m not mentioning the names as you can see it all on the links, but I wanted to say something about here.

Any of my comments are ripe for picking. I post on a public blog, on public forums and don’t hide anything.  I have a thick skin, and can deal with being called names. However when you take things out of context; when you ignore the obvious, or fling shit, I won’t sit by idly. Nitwits aside, I don’t seek to hurt anyone (and nitwits are in a prepetual state of butthurt so they don’t count) and I apologize to anyone who felt that way. However, I suggest if someone feels that way by a comment (whether by me or anyone else) then I suggest you look at why it bothers you so much.

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  1. If you can’t speak your mind on the net, it’s only good for porn and online games.
    Hmmm, if only I could find a game where I get to shoot zombie dominatrixes!

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