Nikita you FAIL again!

So for all your talk about having taken down, looks like the joke’s on you! Again! How does it feel to know that everything you do is steeped in failure? That no one cares if think people are being mean to you and your family? How does it feel to be a mental cripple sucking on the teat of goverment because no one in their right mind would hire you? How does it feel to have a lower approval rating than bin Laden? How does it feel to have a piss stream so weak it barely makes an impression on the video you made?

How does it feel to be in a constant state of FAIL? NEVER got taken down, Nikita. You have no power. Not on the internet, not in Chicago, hell not even in your basement, because it’s not even yours, it’s granny’s. If you weren’t such a prick I’d almost feel sorry for you.


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