Nikita’s new rants

La Femme Nikita has a new post on his blog, extolling a new “free read”.

 Free because no one would pay an ant’s turd for it. Once again the talentless hack goes after Brian Keene, and everyone else he can shotgun blast. Problem is, he never hits his target. All he manages to do is get blowback of epic FAIL.

His free read is merely another rant. Another whiny, “I is published in small press, I IZ a writer!” ramble. He goes after Karen Koehler, and thinks this is retribution:

 That’s what happens when you post libelous things about my family and malciously review a book that was pirated.

He then goes on to say

I want to actually go on record here that everything I do is original, and what one fuckbag does on a website when he steals my characters, and their webhost is also to blame here.

Yeah, NIkita, it’s “original” in the sense that a 4 year old finger painting with their own poop is original. It’s also made of the same stuff.

“You don’t have a career,” some of these bloggers claim.   
      When someone gets published for a good respective small press paying market, and where the beginnings of a career as a writer will start from.

Your only career is leeching off of the government and family. Your second sentence is incomplete and as usual makes no sense.

La Femme Nikita, you can’t write. You have no talent. No one takes you seriously. However, you’re a source of entertainment (though not how you intend), so keep it coming. We all need a good laugh.

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  1. He left me a new comment demanding to know about who leaked his story “Blood Contender.” He did. The only part of it anyone has seen are the three paragraphs he posting in comments to a woman’s blog. That and his descriptions of his vampire that look uncannily like my own.

  2. March of the faggots. All this is — a march of the faggots who accuse me of plagiarism when stories I’ve written are original. Just because I don’t approve of homosexuality in any form that doesn’t make me a criminal.

    Just because you call some pop stars icons in your community.

    You’re willing to insult readres who like my work and that makes you a tool in this business. You don’t produce your own material and you take a shit on everyone else just because that’s part of your faggoty nature.

  3. There is no reader who enjoys your work NIkita. None. It has nothing to do with my faggoty nature, it has to do with knowing good writing when I see it.

    Yours isn’t even coherent. So the tool here is you, who can’t recognize his inability to string a complete sentence together.

    And on the VERY off chance there IS someone who does like your work, it’s only because their IQ would be lower than yours.

  4. “You’re willing to insult readres who like my work and that makes you a tool in this business.”

    No, it makes *you* look like a tool, thinking that you have a) readers and b) it’s not you insulting them for the genuine dislike they have of your crap.

  5. Actually being an aggressive bigot does get people into a lot of trouble.
    If Nicky was worth anything to anyone, he would be in deep shit for his backward views. Celebs have lost out for less. But hey, no celeb he.

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