0 thoughts on “An Alaskan’s perspective

  1. Like I said, the Dems need to smear this all over the media. Get her troubles out there for all to see.

    And if she is indicted, what will McCain do????

    And Biden will eat her for breakfast in a debate.

    I suspect McCain might have shot himself in the foot.

  2. Do not be too optimistic, my little liberal brothers and sisters! Again – look how got elected! Twice! With a veep who shoots people in the face! Anything can happen! (Which I guess is part of the “fun” of politics, though I’m not finding it too fun lately.)

  3. oh, and can somoene give linkage to where Ms Palin says that creationism should be taught in school? That got thrown around on CNN without qualification, and I don’t want to quote it w/o the real source. (And, in my opinion, should be reason enough to disqualify one for the presidency.)

  4. we can hope that we have reached a point where people are voted upon for their merits and not the color of their skin and whether they do or do not have a dangling participle between their legs.

    However, I am not at all optimistic.

  5. Hey, american politics is fascinating stuff compared to the British version.
    Hell, right now, a tacky scifi movie would be more fascinating than british politics.

  6. It hasn’t been the same in the UK since Blair left office. He was always interesting to watch. Though how he managed to climb into bed with Bush and puke is beyond me.

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