Dagstine’s true colors

Seems Lorenzo is keeping busy this morning attempting to cause problems for Janrae over on her blog. http://cussedness.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/suing-critics/#comment-715.

Like everything else, Dagstine prefers style over substance. It’s too bad he has no style to cover the fact he has nothing of substance to say. It’s the same old thing, “I’m gonna get my e-lawyers on you!”. He tries to take a page from autoaim.cfg and post her address, yet only manages to get the snail mail address for her publishing company. Yet another example of how lacking Daggy is in even basic writerly abilities such as research. He bullies and harrasses Janrae (and 43 other people apparently) with his emperor has no clothes talk, revealing him what he truly is: just another jealous, untalented hack with aspirations that will never be met by his astonishing lack of talent.

Lorenzo, do you think any worthwhile publisher will EVER consider your work with your constant talk of lawsuits? You could write War and Peace and it would remain unpublished simply because of your unprofessional behavior. You use the oldest, least successful form of intimidation; the bluff. You pretend to know something you have no clue about. You talk about people who you don’t know and never talk to, despite your claims. For all your rhetoric, you have nothing new to say, and waste valuable time (time that could be spent, say, learning how to write) saying it, anyway.

Over here, http://range.wordpress.com/2006/08/04/blog-and-internet-psychosis/, Larry writes,

I don’t even list my bigger credits anymore. I save them for my personal enjoyment.

Well, that explains SO much, Lorenzo. I know if I had major credits, I’d keep them quiet, and just post all the meaningless credits you post about. That’s a great way to publisize your work. However, as we all know any major credits you may claim are lies. Where’s the Asimov credit, Lorenzo? Have you driven out to see and stalk Rusty, lately? When you live in a glass house, you need to leave the rocks in your head where they are.

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  1. “I don’t even list my bigger credits anymore. ”

    That’s because he doesn’t have any. Not one professional credit. Zilch. He’s just charging in like a bully thinking people will back down, then scrambles away defensively when they don’t.

  2. I don’t even list my bigger credits anymore. I save them for my personal enjoyment.

    Why’s he seeking validation from a guy who fills his blog with photographs of high-tech gadgets?

    The thing is, nobody who lists every piddly credit, even for reprints in 4theluv rags can be believed when he says he’s keeping the big credits to himself. The conclusion, of course, is that he has no big credits. It’s as much hot air as his piece on Donald Trump redeveloping Coney Island.

  3. No writer keeps their big creds to themselves. Cred lists on blogs serve just a single purpose: to establish the reputation of the author. And, by way of establishing that, secure the author’s credibility because other professionals who are considering doing business with them will want to see the creds list.

  4. He never ceases to amaze me, cuss. Just when you think he can’t possibly sink any further into his own asshole, he somehow manages to do so.

  5. I always laugh at the amateurs who keep insisting that self-pub POD will take over.
    What Daggy fails to understand:

    There will always be professional people and doors in the industry that will keep out the chaff. Always.

    In the past decade of POD self-publishing, there has been nothing to contradict that. If this great revolution was going to happen, it would have happened by now.

    The fact that just over 10 years have gone by without any change to the industry speaks volumes about how delusional and misguided these amateurs wannabes are.

    BTW: this is not a rant against the technology, which I find can be useful for companies. Rather, a rant against those whose self-pub under the illusion it will make them famous and respected. It won’t. Say Vanity publication? I knew you could.

  6. Psst, Janrae! Do you mean ‘coming?’ or has the Bukkakake (spelling?) Bukkakakkeke (again?) gotten to you?


    lol, sorry. People aren’t going to hide their big credits to ‘make themselves feel good.’ The only case in which POD can make you a big thing is if it HAS DONE SOMETHING FOR YOU. Dur. Doy. Dur.

    I don’t hide any of my credits. The only thing I’m most likely to hide is the fact that I’m in Louise’s harem, but that’s public news, right? 😛 I wipe the floors! I do! The faeries help me! 😀

  7. Ugh, that’s an image I can do without, Cuss. Pass the brain bleach!

    And Kody’s right, no one is going to hide credits, unless they have nothing to actually show. And where can I get faeries to wipe my floors?!?

  8. Faeries? I’ll show you faeries! (whew, caught myself. I was about to say something obnoxious about faery circles and mushrooms.)

    This entire nitwit eruption has been amazing.

  9. They all need to coordinate their schedules and spread the lulz out.

    And you’re right Mike, it’s like a weak fart, a bit of noise and some stink, but not much else.

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