Nikita the little liberal

Many thanks to ETT for posting this: The whole thing is lulz worthy (as are parts 1-3), but this bit shows La Femme Nikita for the pathological liar he is. In almost every blog he boasts of his conservative beliefs. He uses this as his excuse for being a bigot, homophobe, racist and all around douchebag. Yet he wrote this: 

 I am a bit of a liberal and being a writer — liberal is something that tends to get under the skin of students who go to a bible college.

So not only is he a liberal, but he likes to get under the skin of people in bible colleges. These are colleges filled with the Christians he claims to align himself with.

Yes NIkita you may be a bbit of a liberal but you’re 100% asshole.

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  1. He claims to have views espoused by whatever group he desperately wishes to be part of, but then claims to have polar opposite views, after that group rejects him. I’m sure it’s his way of justifying to himself why they rejected him.

    Over the years, he’s claimed to be liberal, conservative, pagan, Christian, agnostic, a metalhead, a goth, etc. The goths don’t like him because he’s a metalhead; conversely, the metalheads don’t like him because he’s too gothy.

    Curiously, the one thing he’s never claimed to not be is an asshole.

  2. Until he actually starts collecting a paycheck for it (and welfare checks don’t count), he’s no professional as far as I’m concerned.

  3. If he wasn’t such an asshole, I might begin to feel sorry for him. However, he’s so unrepentant in his ways, he’ll never get that from me.

  4. I resemble that remark! Wait, no I don’t, as I work even with a mental illness. But let’s face it, who would want to work with Nikita anyway?

  5. I believe it’s referred to as rectal cranial disorder. The constant inability to removes your head from your ass.

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