Warning-new Nikita fiction on the way!

In yet another incoherent rant, La Femme Nikita warns us all that he’s writing stories! Not only that, he’s featuring real people! I have no doubt Nikita will be the only person capable of taking a real character and making them unbelievable. you know like every character he’s ever written. I’d say created, but that’s giving him too much credit. Nikita writes:

I have to keep those titles under my hat right now but I will mention, I am attacking the whole real person fiction writing world with a few of these stories – one of them is a bizarre story I am hammering out.

As usual he has a thought and can’t seem to finish it:

  Free speech is more encouraged in the United States, but when other countries go around posting someone’s private address.

You mean the address here? http://www.autoaim.org/?p=26#comments The one that can be found by legal means? Make no mistake if Nikita were able to do a little thing I like to call research, he’d waste no time in printing everyone’s address on his blog.

I just need a publisher who is brave enough to run it.

No, you just need a publisher who is deaf and blind and doesn’t care about things like quality.

It’s not a majority of the authors in the small press who shun me as Brian Keenis claimed.

No, it’s all of them. Except as noted above, those who don’t care about quality like Philbin and Lorenzo.

I am thinking where else can I do some damage to the political game and the world of people who write these perverse real person fiction stories then go around stealing my creative properties for the so called “Fair Use.”

This is LOL worthy. Once again NIkita thinks people actually value his opinion (these are the same figments of his imagination he calls fans as well).

   I’ve seen too many good people get hurt because of people like these assholes who go around calling themselves 50 Foot Ant (really he should be called 50 Foot Cockroach.)

Name one person you think is good who got hurt. Like your fans, that person is nonexistent.

 I began to notice more Crusty Rail clones are popping up as time goes on, and became more ruthless too.

Yes, because your blog isn’t ruthless, is it?

 That’s okay, I am still working on new short stories – and where you fail in breaking my focus I’ve been the most prolific in writing short stories.

And they’ll all suck and be lulz fodder! Thanks for the laughs Nikita!

 Also I noticed this cockshit going around stealing my articles thinking of ways to steal from the performance payment, this makes me sick – a flaming faggot going around stealing my work too. Don’t you assholes have lives? I guess not – you go around smearing everyone who bust their ass in the small press,

I do my best, thank you for noticing. And for the record, simply because your family members (the ones who haven’t gotten restraining orders, that is) doesn’t constitute you being in the small press, especially since you self publish.

  I will just say this much, I got a 5910 word short story finished and a 3200 word story done. I got two novellas finished, and I am going to make the asshole who burned my first collection squirm in his seat when I say those stories are finally done.

Winter’s coming and we need kindling! Thanks for caring about us keeping warm!

Pisses me off that a self-published erotica author gets celebrated too – and the abuse of power she does when she does her publishing seat.

What pisses you off? The fact she has more talent than you could ever dream about, or that she’s has loyal readers? Sounds like jealousy to me.  And what the hell is “and the abuse of power she does when she does her publishing seat?” That makes no frickin’ sense.

Much like all his rants.



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  1. “Listen good fairy — how long do you fucks plan to go around raping my copyrights? It’s cockshitters like you that really piss me off.”

    As long as you keep being the dick you are, Nick. Simple enough answer.

  2. This, from a guy who gets pissed off if there isn’t enough pepperoni on his pizza, or “special sauce” on his Big Mac?

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