A tale of two dentists

About a month ago I had an abcessed tooth. I didn’t have a regular dentist so I picked one and scheduled an appt. I knew going in what he was going to say, and what he would suggest; namely have my lower teeth yanked and get a denture. They took x-rays, and in walked a man with an arrogance, Philbin and the nitwits could only dream of possessing. He’d cut me off everytime I asked a question; told me what I had to do, what miracles he could work, etc, etc. The defining moment (aside from the cost which I’ll get to in a minute) was him telling me I could have all 16 lower teeth pulled with a local and laughing gas and what I’d save by not spending money by being put to sleep I could spend on having posts put in. Again I’d ask a question and he’d say, don’t interrupt. He begrudgingly wrote a scrip for amoxycillin and when I was getting my paperwork, the total for everything was 25,654. AFTER my insurance paid it’s share.

Cut to dentist 2. I see him today, and he asks me questions and listens! I explain everything dentist #1 said, what I wanted and he said, “We can work with you on this.” I’ll be getting my teeth pulled in October, by an oral while knocked out-which D2 suggested-and the total for a lower AFTER insurance is 650 bucks. He had samples and photos of the work he’s done and it’s excellent. The extractions will cost about 1800 bucks roughly-a big difference from the 25K from D1.

By listening to my concerns, showing me his work, and answering all of my questions, D2 is someone I’ll be recommending to anyone who needs a dentist.

The nitwits can take a lesson from this.

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  1. Sounds like a good one the second time. I had several teeth pulled with the laughing gas. My friend who went with me told me that I kept interrupting the dentist to tell him about a novel I was writing. Only problem, I wasn’t writing a novel at the time and when the gas wore off had no idea what that novel was supposed to be about.

  2. I’ve not had all of them done at once like that, but I had a total of ten teeth pulled, including one wisdom and three molars, all on local freezing. The worst part was the ‘loosening’.

    I began wishing they’d come out when I was having my face smashed against the floor. 😉

  3. LEt’s hope one of them gives you AIDS when working on your teeth.

    Huh? Does he, madlibbish, put AIDS into everything?

    What the fuck ever.

    I had an abcessed tooth once. It sucks. I think I mentioned that elsewhere, when you got the first tooth pulled.

  4. I’ve had eight teeth pulled. My wisdom teeth gre in impacted. As a teen, I had four bicuspids pulled in advance of getting braces. They always put me under. I was awake for a couple of root canals, though. Oddly, neither one hurt after the procedure. The endo dontist the second time was ready to write me an Rx for something really strong, but I told him I’d just try aspirin, and call back if that didn’t work. I never did call back.

    Best of luck with it, Rain.

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