Nitwits-Two for one special!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with nitwits. Not only does La Femme Nikita have a new post up, Philbin is whoring his silverpress interview and becoming a psychic!

The Amazing Philbin

Not one to leave a dead horse unbreaten, Philbin felt the need to bump up his SL thread whoring his interview on Silverthought. To add a little spice he has seen the future and says:

 so, what am I saying?
well, I’m saying that if we contine to tacitly support THE NEW WORLD ORDER many of us’ll end up in the death camps just like the Jews did in the late 30’s/40’s.

you heard it here again – yes, they’re really out to get you.

Is that so Mike? Sounds like the ravings of your new poster boy for truth, Alex Jones once again. Or maybe this is another load of Bukkake your tossing in the wind.

Nikita whines some more

The one thing you can credit La Femme Nikita for is his consistency. Of course, that’s not very hard when you repeat the same three things over and over again.  The only difference in his rants is who he decided to attack. His new rant is replete with threats of ass kicking, whines about the injustices he thinks he suffers, and ignoring the fact he does the same thing he accuses others of doing.

 Leave the family out of this, what did they do to you

he writes. That could be taken directly from granny’s letter from 2005 (posted here on Rusty’s for your reading pleasure notice it’s also missing the question mark at the end. He writes this in spite of the fact he accuses people of snorting their dead brother’s ashes, and wishes my late ex in hell.

My favorite bit, is this little nugget:

I got eyes and ears in Chicago and all over the Midwest. So they will tell me when you try something stupid and this stupid you’ve done; this is personal. Encouraging people to stalk me, not cool. I could get people to actually boycott you if you’re not cafeful. Belive me that is coming. Any night you are actually the DJ, it will be boycotted.

First of all, the fact that anyone other than his granny cares about anything that happens is laughable. Those many eyes and ears are the ones snorting with hysterics over his overly developed sense of power. No one encouraged anyone to stalk you Nikita. Most of us don’t have all the shots we need to get withn 500 yards of your greasy haired ass. for all your whining and talk of a boycott, most people will support DJ Pathogen when he plays simply because you said don’t go. As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, your only Friend is Granny Bates, and that’s only due to blood ties. I have no doubt if she weren’t your grandmother (who apparently gave Nikita his writing ability) she’d want nothing to do with you.

Nikita, the next time you accuse people of bad behaviour look at what you’ve done. Of course that would mean looking in the mirror and I hear they keep shattering when you peer at one.


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