Nikita’s career fact or fiction

NIkita seems to be working in his nonmedicated fury again, and just as delusional as ever.

In his newest rant, he writes,

 The reason I am gunned after a number of times in the blogosphere is because I will not hold anything back, and say the opinion that is rather unpopular these days.

Nikita seems to think he’s America’s Most Wanted, instead of America’s Least Wanted. Nikita, it has nothing to do with your not holding back, it’s due to your douchebaggery. Rarely have I seen someone so intent on burning every bridge, alienating every reader, repulsing every publisher, and has the temerity to claim themselves a victim. Maybe when you stop sending fraudulent paypal invoices, setting your attack granny on people, cease issuing death threats, control your ego and anger, maybe then you might be left alone.

But little pricks like you never learn. They whine about being bullied in school and then whine when someone fights back against their own bullying.

You have no one to blame but yourself. So quit pissing and moaning about how everyone’s out to get you; how everyone wants to destroy a career you don’t have, or plagiarize excrement no one would ever claim as theirs in the first place.

Do something you’ve never done before NIkita: BE A MAN.

0 thoughts on “Nikita’s career fact or fiction

  1. Another reference that was also in his granny’s letter. Well the photo’s in general. Makes me wonder if he’s plagiarizing his granny.

  2. With as tiny a penis as he’s reputed to have, I don’t think he qualifies to be male.

    I revoked his status as Homo Sapiens some time ago, so I’m not sure what he is any more.

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