International Nickolaus Pacione Day – the missing blog entry

In honor of it being La Femme Nikita Day, I have uncovered a missing blog post that I thought I’d share.


Cunt weasels stealing my work!

I suppose them douch cocks think it’s fuckin’ funny to steel my work, the work I worked so hard on. Let me ask you a question, do you fucks go around pirating movies to? I bet you have cameras shoved up your ass when you go to movies. Stick a fucking harpoon gun in there to while your at it, you thieving cunt weasels.

and stop with your faggot slash fic to. Takin’ my straight carachters and havin’ them buttfuck each other is wrong. That’s why I’ll never let my characters marry, cuz you’ll only mak them faggits. I suppos that’s okay with the Krusty and rainfaggot and the others who like to steel my work that I work hard on. Go fuck your mothers and then drink bleech!

Leave me alonne! I’ve got 56 anthologies, 659 stories and 12 novels with only one idea too work on right now and I dont have time for you fuckers!


I have to stop and take a shower now, I feel so dirty.

0 thoughts on “International Nickolaus Pacione Day – the missing blog entry

  1. Thanks Skeevy, it took a lot of effort to write that bad. It only took 3 short paragraphs before my brain began to atrophy, however. If I continued I’m afraid it would leak into my own writing!

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