And the winner is….

Skeevy McGee, for his winning entry:

Cockinshiner is a Germanic word with no English equivailent. A lesser known subset of the doppelgänger myth, a cockinshiner is the evil double of an individual’s penis. So, when Nicky suspects you might be his cockinshiner, you have just received a major ice burn.

“And but when Nicholas Kane bent down to take the penis of the stranger he did not know into his mouth it was seen and shown that the penis was an exact double of Nick’s own, and Nick’s horror was not to be conceived by the human mind or brain.

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0 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. And for the record, I had my assistant supervisor choose-as I liked them all. Aside from her strange looks,and a vague comment about too much time on my hands, she asked me if it was too late to enter.

  2. To say the least! She’s young and a bit scatterbrained, but no one works harder, and I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything bad about her. It’s one of the few places where I genuinely like most of the people I work with.

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