Philbin continues to stir

With 57 views and no responses yet, Philbin tries again to stir the pot, this time under the guise of discussing the work of Philip K Dick. His thought process is so transparent in this, no wonder no one has taken the bait.

He says he’s interested in talking about the horror in Dick’s work, yet continues to quote conspiracy charlatan Alex Jones. He also digs up his dead horse of “evil corporate america” in an attempt to make himself relevant.

Mike, no one cares what you think. No one is interested in your crackpot theories. No one has interest in Bukkake or Owls. No one with a modicum of intelligence cares about your writing. The fact you keep trying to stir shit and fail, with matt’s blessing, it seems, shows how truly desperate you are.

0 thoughts on “Philbin continues to stir

  1. Nice to see no one has taken the bait. And the fact he considers himself superior to everyone else, only heightens his village idiot status.

  2. Sorry, but the title of that thread, the horror of dick, and the creator behind it, just made me laugh and laugh and laugh.
    Maybe I am immature, but the horror of dick indeed!

  3. Now the question is this: is he going to remain true to form, and compound his failure by bumping the thread a Jizzillion times. And yes, I said “jizzillion.” =]

  4. The lack of thread bumping may, indeed, be due to the fact that none of teh minions are all that literate. That hasn’t stopped them in past, though. I’m still lulzing at the fact that LD got Nabokov an Lolita so, so wrong.

  5. I find it annoying that Dagstine periodically hauls out that hoary old “some of my best friends are….” (fill in the blank) and then makes snarky comments about people’s disabilities, race, and sexual orientation.

  6. I wouldn’t say no one has interest in Bukkake. Bukkakeworld, on the other hand, sounds tedious. 172 page extended metaphor about how going to work is like getting jizzed on? Edgy.

  7. Very true Skeevy, I should have said BukkakeWorld. Besides my worst day at work is more akin to a broken glass enema, not a load in the face.

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