Dagstine and Trawlingfrogdog – new lows in douchebaggery

I’m pissed off. I mean really, really pissed. It’s not enough to attack a respected, published author like Janrae Frank, but the mean, and vicious personal attacks are over the line. I’m not surprised, sad to say, that dagstine has to refer to the special olympics as something bad, or less than, but for him to condone this absolute scumbag trawlingfrogdog’s comments about Janrae’s disability is sickening.  for those with a strong stomach, the comments can be found here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6184?page=2.

Naturally Matt’s left those comments up. He’s too busy masturbating to lolcat pictures to do anything productive.

Others may take a high road, but I won’t. If the douchebag brigade choose to fight that way, so will I. Nothing is sacred. Nothing off limits.

It’s one thing to critisize someone for their writing, but to jump on someone for their disability shows that person even more crippled than the one they try and hurt.

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  1. Matt just posted something to the thread below those, so it is clear that he’s just ignoring it. Typical double standard. As for the comparison to Shakespeare, it was simply noting a technique of bringing the hero in in the third scene of the first act. Shanari never said the quality was that good. I don’t see why Bile has to act is if that was anything more than a notation of technique.

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