A true class act

Every so often Kealan Patrick Burke makes a post on SL about books he has for sale. Most times when he does, I’ve gotten something to add to my collection. I’ve never had any problems, and always happy to support authors who I enjoy and admire.

When he posted one such sale about a month ago, I ordered a couple of books and unfortunately never got them. I sent him an email, to let him know, and today I received a refund for them, with a very nice note. I let Kealan know that if I do receive the books, he’ll be getting his money.

To the nitwits: that’s real class. That’s being a professional. That’s why I’ll continue to buy from KPB and other authors who know how to treat people.

And a foul pox upon the USPS for dropping the ball.

0 thoughts on “A true class act

  1. Talking to the Nitwits about class and professionalism…well…you might as well talk to a tree.

    The good thing about a tree is if I don’t like it, I can shop it up for firewood. Wish I could do that with them.

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